About company

Energy Drink was an idea, conceived in the year 2006. After an extensive research of 3 years, the brilliant formula of the Kama Sutra Energy Drink was developed With a detailed understanding of the market and the competitor's brands, a perfect launch strategy was formulated. And in Aug 2009 kama sutra Energy Drink was launched with a hit in the fastest developing commercial hub of US- New York! The Kama sutra Energy Drink is made in Austria and Distributed by slim America Inc., New York, 11706 USA.

What Does the kama Sutra mean?

"Kama Sutra" was a text written by the Hindu sage Vatsyayana sometime between the first and sixth century A.D. in India. The text praised the three aims of life: virtue(dharma),prosperity(artha) and love(Kama), The Kama Sutra recognized that Life necessitates three kinds of activity to assure its survival. One of these activities is human reproduction, the importance of which is not something to be taken lightly. Thus, the ultimate erotic guidebook was born: The kama Sutra (kama meaning 'love' and sutra menaing 'manual').

Looking for Distributer

In Todays scenario energy drink is a very emerging and growing business across the world,so what are you waiting for,be a franchisee or distributor of kama sutra energy drink and grow yourself with this business though we are also looking for Distributers worldwide. If you want to be a distributer of Kamasutra Energy Drink,feel free to contact us on any of the given contact mediums in our website.